At the Muslim Sports Foundation (MSF), we are committed to meet the needs of the communities we work with. By using data from key insights, alongside the expertise from the board of trustees and staff, our operations are embedded with a clear focus on what it is we want to accomplish.

Whilst delivering our objectives, we are committed to monitor, evaluate and report progression that is a reflection of our mission and vision. We understand that there are several societal issues facing Muslim communities nationally. At the MSF we use physical activity and sport as a facilitator for individual, group and community development through a physical, psychological and social approach that looks to address issues within our society, whilst promoting the wellbeing of an individual.

We realise the importance of key partnerships with local, regional, national and governmental stakeholders to promote awareness on healthy active lifestyles and are committed to strengthen these relationships over the course of five years. Additionally, the MSF are aware of liaising with sponsors and funders to deliver our objectives within some of the most complex and often neglected communities within Britain. It is key that we work progressively so that we continue to make a positive difference in our targeted communities.

The MSF is an organisation that has inclusivity at the core of all developments. We will continue to implement this. This strategy highlights new and innovative avenues into meeting community needs through contributions that will have a sustainable impact.



The Board of Trustees.

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