There are many things to consider when setting up a club of your own.  We provide assistance, governance and funding advice.  We can help in establishing the potential of local demand to join a new club and assist in organising initial meetings and publicity.

Running a club requires time and commitment and having a well thought out plan will help you put in place everything that you need to attract members and secure your club’s future.

The venue is at the core of any club. It is where the sport takes place and where parents, participants and people associated with the club socialise. Do some research to find out what facilities are available in your area that are suitable for your chosen sport, accessible, appropriate and within budget to hire or lease for a set period of time.

Securing the initial funds to set up a club can be challenging.  We can help with initial funding and application administration.  However, clubs will need additional income to help them grow and prosper.  These can include membership fees, fundraisers, funding, grants and sponsorship.

If you are interested in setting up your own club, please contact us to find out what practical help we can offer.