You live and breathe sport and you want to use your passion and energy to help others reach their potential.   Sport coaches are motivators and an essential support system responsible for ensuring that participants and players reach their personal goals and improve all areas of performance.

Coaching covers a wide range of roles and levels.  Coaching can start from assisting and supervising activities at your local club through to coaching at a major international tournament. Whatever level you are at, you’ll be hands-on and will be passing on your knowledge to a range of participants.

We can advise and assist with finding and funding courses that teach you the theory behind sport and exercise and sports coaching to help you gain the appropriate qualifications and accreditations in your chosen sport.   

Our key aim is educating and training people to gain experience in coaching and our accredited programs will offer courses in a range of different coaching modules.  Learn to apply the key disciplines of sport and exercise, physiology, psychology, biomechanics and nutrition.

Coaching requires a certain level of skills and knowledge in your chosen sport. Coaches also need to be patient with good communication skills and an ability to adapt their teaching style to a wide range of individuals.  Coaching roles are suited to those people who want to volunteer on a regular basis.

If you are interested in embarking on a coaching course, please contact us to find out more.