Our constant research focusing on sport and physical activity looks at a range of factors affecting the different needs and pressures that shape the lives of members of the ethnically diverse Muslim community, how active they are throughout their lives and the barriers to participation they face such as: adhering to Islam dress protocols and modesty, being aware of holidays such as Ramadan when rituals such as fasting might impact the ability of participants to take part in sport or physical activity and enabling privacy whilst participating.

We extract key learnings from the sporting environments within which we work, through partnerships, publications and sports initiatives, consultation and engagement. 

Consultation with the intended users of the sport or physical activity is important to gain an accurate and deep understanding of the motivations and challenges that will enable or prevent members of the Muslim community from participating.  Conducting consultations will help in reaching those who are not engaged and understanding their everyday lives and needs as well as capturing information such as what sports and physical activity is of most interest, attractive and appropriate. 

Sport England has carried out research to understand factors which influence sporting behaviour and what motivates one group to be active but which might be a barrier to another. 

The research provides insights and understanding into what affects and impacts specific population groups including members of faith groups, inactive people, children and young people, disabled people, older people, men and women and people with a long-term health condition to discover the reasons behind their activity levels.

We are committed to tackling these barriers and understanding why some individuals are less active than others to deliver more opportunities for people to get involved with sport and physical activity without compromising their religious or cultural values.

If you are interested in learning about any of our potential solutions via one of our work streams – please contact us.