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Sania Haq


Sania has been working in research for 10 years. In her role as Head of Research at AudienceNet, she advises business, industries, government bodies and NGOs. One of her main areas of specialism is intercultural relations. Sania helps her commercial clients navigate and reach diverse audiences, and works closely with government and non-profit clients to help them better understand and meet their needs. She writes and speaks extensively on intercultural matters, in relation to research and more widely.

Sania is extremely passionate about sports. She played a number of sports competitively growing up, representing her county in athletics and Netball. She then decided to focus on tennis more seriously, playing competitively in the UK and also while studying at the University of North Carolina. She continues to train, and has also found a new love - dance! She works with an Asian dance company, helping to spread the benefits of dance to people across the UK. Through her research, she has also worked closely with Sport England and other governing bodies (including the FA, ECB and LTA).