Get Involved

The MSF is determined to increase activity levels throughout all areas of the Muslim community. A lack of physical activity and involvement in sports has a debilitating effect upon individual health as well as significantly limiting the socio-economic prospects of our younger generation.

We believe that the only way to address our inactivity levels is by providing services at an absolute grass roots level. Within our communities the central hub and epicentre of our activities and lifestyle is unequivocally the Mosque’s!

Our key strategy for change is to partner up with local Mosques and delver programmes to help the congregation (male/female) whilst paying special attention to our children, especially those who attend our Madrassahs (evening schools).

We need change, we must change, together we will change!

In addition, we wish to work with community centres, schools, charities, and sports/leisure centres. Our projects will provide religiously and culturally appropriate support, advice, and activities promoting a proactive healthy lifestyle.

United we can:

  • Increase activity and Sports participation
  • Promote a healthier active lifestyle
  • Facilitate the preservation of Sunnah sports.
  • Provide our youth with productive and beneficial skills and opportunities.
  • Design and deliver a wide range of activities within a religious ethos.
  • Identify skillsets, introduce talent pathways, and source opportunities within the sports industry.
  • Develop homegrown coaches and clubs
  • Nurture our hidden talent and create the leaders of tomorrow,
  • Create active local and national partnerships.

We need your help, we demand equal opportunities, we must create a level playing field!