Our aim is to support sports bodies and other organisations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to increase the number of Muslim participants involved in sport and physical activity.  We provide consultancy services nationally and internationally, working in partnership to achieve our common aims.

The MSF has worked with a number of organisations, including National Governing Bodies, local authorities, sports organisations and schools in relation to helping support and deliver sport for the diverse Muslim community.  The unique insight that we possess provides a platform through which the aims of our clients become a reality in practice.  We ensure that organisations are able to reach the Muslim community in an appropriate manner, thereby realising the many opportunities available amongst this rapidly growing and increasingly sports-demanding group. Our services are always tailored to your needs and may include:


Strategic Development

The MSF provides support at the various stages of your strategy and strategic development.  Whether its contributions to long-term strategies and plans such as Whole Sport Plans, review of such plans and overall strategies or practical insight that will benefit the delivery of your strategy, we provide the relevant support that suits your needs.

Practical Engagement

The MSF has delivered practical solutions for the Muslim population independently and in partnership with various organisations across the UK since 2001.  We design and deliver bespoke projects that facilitate connections between our partners and the community whilst upskilling from within so that they are sustainable beyond our involvement.  This includes support from planning right through to monitoring and evaluation and everything that is required in between to make the project a long-term success.


The MSF provides tailored training to all organisations that helps to build confidence, upskill and support those who wish to engage the Muslim community.  We work with our partners to plan and deliver the training and are also available to support organisations to capacity build from within.  The ultimate aim of this work is to provide practical insight into how our partners may take the lead in developing this area of work efficiently and effectively.


The MSF has a number of extensively experienced individuals who are available to speak with your teams and at your events.  From personal reflections and best practice right through to organisational development and policy needs, our speakers will be able to provide valuable insights to support your organisation and its development.

Contact us for further information or if you would like support in any of the above areas.